Photo Journal: "Road" Trip from Berkeley, CA to Exumas, Bahamas

This winter I decided to meet up with some friends to crew a boat through the Caribbean before they set off for the Mediterranean, an adventure that I planned on extending over a few months.  To kick things off, I set off to mark a few things off the bucket list on a road trip from my home in Berkeley, CA through Austin, Texas and eventually to Exumas, Bahamas to meet up with Sailing Vessel Bueller. Collected here are a few photos and recaps of the two week trip.

The trip that I had planned had stops for: Camping in Big Sur, Sailing in Los Angeles, Camping in Joshua Tree, reuniting in Flagstaff, crashing in a hostel in Santa Fe, visiting family in Stillwater, and finally making it to my former home of Austin before boarding a plane to Nassau and ferrying to meet the crew. A few exciting turn offs met me along the way I wanted to recap here.

Catching a day sail in San Francisco Bay on the Snap Dragon with Mark and Terra on MLK Jr. Day. The waves and the music were great and we made it back before sunset after catching this great view of Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, and Downtown San Francisco.

One last shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from the end of the Berkeley Pier before I hit the road for Austin.

Stopping along Hwy 1 south of Monterey, CA to enjoy a quick hike with a view of the beautiful Pacific Coast.

It's hard to imagine a sunset more amazing than this captured outside of the redwood lined campground in Big Sur. If only the photo could do it justice.

Meeting the locals, a beach filled with Elephant Seals basking in the sun. Luckily my early wake up got me in before the tour buses from LA.

Every time I mention travel in California to my dad he asks if I have visited Hearst Castle. I can now say "yes". This huge estate was one of many mansions owned by the newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst and is now donated to the state of California.  

Enjoying tasty breakfast burritos on Venice Beach in LA with Yusuf and Gulsah and watching a few surfers catch some waves.

Meeting Sailing Vessel Nefes, Yusuf's Catalina and our transport for whale watching today. One of the cleanest and well kept boats I've seen. Everything on the inside has a place and a function and no clutter. These two know how to sail with a purpose!

While we were sailing the Santa Ana winds off the coast of LA, we spotted a pod of dolphins that wanted to say hello. I caught this great video off the bow of Nefes of a small group with a young dolphin looking to play.

One night camping in Joshua Tree was great. I parked just in time to catch the sunset from Jumbo Rocks but didn't have a chance to capture it before the temperature dropped. Slept well under the stars in my mesh-roofed REI tent until 6AM when a light shower woke me up.  Snapped this photo later in the day on the drive to remember the bizarre looking Joshua Trees.

A glamor shot of my car Vivian to commemorate her goodbye trip back to Austin where I'm going to get her sold. For four years she's been a great convertible, road office, road trip companion, surf board transport, money pit, and mobile dance party.


After spending the night in Flagstaff and enjoying some local beer with some Arizona natives, I hit the road. With time to spare on my short drive to Santa Fe I stopped off the highway to see the world's best preserved crater and take an hour hike around the rim. That night I stayed in a hostel in Santa Fe and met some very friendly travelers for breakfast and dinner provided by donations to the hostel from Whole Foods and Panera. 

Driving through one of the largest air turbine fields in the United States stretching across Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Spent some time visiting my family in Stillwater, OK and joined my mom for my first Zumba class taught by her at the local fitness center.

After a week's journey, I stopped in Austin, Texas for a few days to catch up with old friends and a couple of playful dogs. Like any good Austin trip, there was BBQ, tacos, cheap craft bear, Bar-Chi Sushi and concerts. Joined Alex and Lexie for T Bird and the Breaks record release party in the Red River district.

After catching an early flight to Nassau via Houston, I landed long enough to catch a taxi ride to Potter's Cay and a Conch lunch before boarding the over night ferry to Exumas.

Finally landed in Exumas to meet with Captains Lars & Travis aboard Sea Vessel Bueller. Marti and Patrick were leaving so we made the most of the day by motoring out to Stocking Island for some adventure, dancing, tight rope, and beer.

Not our only method of navigation but a very classic one. We'll be in Exumas for a few days while we wait for a heat exchanger for the motor. After that we'll head off in the direction of one of these arrows.