Photo Journal: Cuba

After a long stay in the Exumas Islands of the Bahamas, Bueller set sail south to the forbidden island of Cuba. After reading that Obama and Raul Castro met to reinitiate diplomatic relations yesterday I felt it timely to share a few shots taken on my recent trip. While travel has been restricted from the US for the past fifty years, enforcement has been decreasing in recent years and the Cuban government has no restrictions to US citizens entering the country. In fact thousands of US citizens without direct relatives in Cuba visit each year for US Bureaucratically acceptable reasons such as charity and education.

Volumes could be written on the culture, government, and lessons learned in Cuba, this post is meant to graphically highlight just a few chapters in the trip.

After arrival, we travelled by car around the southeast portion of Cuba visiting Holguin, Bayamo, Pico Torquino, Santiago, and Baracoa on a two week road trip. Our four door sedan's modern look was no where near as impressive as the quintessential Cuban 1950's cars that shared the roads.


A few steps off of the beaten (and expensive) tourist path and we found the Cuba of the people. Markets with fresh meat and vegetables were found in most towns and usually make a weekly party with bands and beer trucks. One quick lesson we learned was to always bring your own bags. If you request a pound of bacon, they'll cut it fresh and hand it to you unpackaged. I found myself carrying a spare gallon ziplock everywhere just in case we happened upon a must have item or the fabled beer 24 peso per liter beer truck.

Natural beauty was abound. What follows are a few shots that I took throughout the trip. As relationships between the US and Cuba increase, I'm looking forward to revisiting this soon-to-change landscape and revisit some of the friends met along the way.