30 by 30: Kickoff

“Better get busy living or get busy dying” - Red

I’m a believer that our personalities, the “who” we are to ourselves and that we extend to others, is a collection of stories that our internal dialogue repeats in our head. Our interpretation of those stories, our mood at the time that we recall them, and even the way our memory distorts the details of them all add to how we perceive our character. These stories and their tone come from our childhood, events in our lives, the people we keep around us and they shape how we interact with the world around us. Over the past six months traveling South America and Sailing in the Caribbean, I’ve added many pages, tales, lessons, and characters to the stories repeating in my mind. These experiences strengthened my resolve on what I want to get out of life and built momentum in my strive to constantly improve through accomplishing worthy goals.

I decided somewhere between visiting my brother in Anguilla and landing in Oklahoma City that I would spend the next year setting goals for myself that align with my personal missions: To foster stronger bonds with my close friends and family, contributing to the world at large through charity and creativity, striving to live physically and emotionally healthy, and to find adventure with a high fun to cost ratio.

May 14th, 2015 marks my 29th year on the planet and the countdown to when I can no longer be called a “twenty-something”. I think mental age is more important, but turning thirty made for a convenient book-end and way to market this idea to friends to elicit feedback on my 30 by 30. Before I set out writing these goals, I posted on Facebook a call for ideas. Combining those responses with my own ideas and inspiration I got from talking to close friends and family, I nailed down 30 items I would resolve to accomplish in the next 365 days. It should definitely be noted that the point of this list was a now or never mentality. There were many suggestions that struck me as things I already have on my lifetime bucket list, for example seeing the Northern Lights or running a marathon. This list is comprised of the fringe goals that normally I may not get to but as a part of my personal growth, I’ve resolved to complete them all in one year.

What I found when starting this list was that goals bucketed into one-off events that I could accomplish almost any time, and others were complete lifestyle changes that would need to be sustained for a few weeks before the habits and results would really sink in. For the longer goals, I resolved I would spend thirty days accomplishing them each day and the longer one-off goals could be accomplished concurrently. I have intentionally left open when I will accomplish each month long event to maintain a bit of flexibility.

What all of these goals were meant to have in common was that they share a few of the following traits:

  • They align with my personal missions listed above.
  • After accomplishing them, they have something I have created that I can look back on.
  • I can accomplish them alone but the results tend to be much better when accompanied by a friend.
  • The cost little to accomplish.

I plan on blogging and photo journalling these goals as I accomplish them. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to join or can help me accomplish any of them.

The list will be updated on the 30 by 30 link in the banner, here it is as a reference point of this kick off. 

The List

Thirty days ___ each day.

  1. Giving up alcohol
  2. Meditating 30 minutes
  3. Drawing a picture
  4. Running a mile
  5. Taking a photo
  6. Eating vegetarian
  7. Practicing an instrument
  8. Not buying anything new
  9. Writing a full page
  10. Giving up eating at restaurants
  11. Giving what I can to those that ask
  12.  Stretching or practicing yoga for 30 minutes

By 30 I want to...

    13. Build a piece of furniture
    14. Paint a self portrait
    15. Volunteer 30 hours
    16. Take a discovery flight
    17. Take a trip by a train
    18. Summit a Fourteener
    19. Teach a public yoga class
    20. Take a vipassana retreat 
    21. Write a letter to my government representative
    22. Publish a book
    23. Create a product
    24. Drive a taxi/pedicab
    25. Give a speech in Spanish
    26. Sail off shore California and and stay a night on the boat
    27. Take a course at a local college
    28. Send 30 postcards
    29. Take a weekend trip by showing up to the airport and buying the cheapest ticket
    30. Take a week long trek