Week 1 Progress

Welcome back! It’s been just over a week since I set out on my 30by30 challenge and the reactions I’ve gotten have helped kick things off on the right foot. Many thanks to those that have reached out with advice, support, and reading suggestions. 

I have a lot of ideas that I’d like to try out as I continue documenting and blogging the journey through these goals. I’m going to set the goal to write a weekly update but accept that biweekly may become more realistic if things become repetitive. To keep content fresh and try some new things, I look forward to including some of these ideas in my posts:

  • Documenting goals accomplished through stories and photos.
  • Journaling and reflections on current goals, general realizations I’ve made that reshape my perspective.
  • Reading lists or resources that accompany me through the journey.
  • Progress updates on goal planning and completion.

Progress Updates:

  • Currently 1 week deep in “30 days giving up alcohol”.
  • Scheduled a Vipassana for July 10th to 21st in Kelseyville, CA.
  • Joining fellow Kansas Transplants: Mark & Adam, for a hike to the top of Mt Shasta.
  • Coordinating with Bogdan to volunteer at 18 Reasons.
  • Making plans with Yusuf to sail his Catalina for a few day trip.
  • Bouncing product ideas around with friends.