Revisiting 30 by 30

Had some time to reflect while traveling and realized it's time to revisit my 30 by 30.  My goal has been to have 30 things I can look back on in my 29th year that have contributed momentum to my core tenants. Fundamentally, the principle remains however I need to revise the means.

The list is now available for write-ins. I do this after a few opportunities came up that I could not have foreseen and definitely deserve an honorable mention: 
- Traveling to Africa with my sister on her first international trip
- Gogo dancing at SF Pride with Morning Gloryville
- Running the Giants 10k with my coworkers in American Flag Spandex, and destroyed my PR
- Having a few photos snapped for stock photo use on and a Physical Therapy website

The main list will still serve as inspiration but things will be added to the "Honorable Mention" list as they are planned or completed.