Recap on 2016

To think I started 2016 in Medellin, Colombia with my friend Chris and girlfriend Vanesa. In that short year there has been a lot of change. I’ve changed jobs, learned to bet on myself, pushed myself to my physical extreme, and felt love more deeply than ever before. This New Years, I spent a long weekend in a cabin in Sonoma County capturing all the memories of major events, accomplishments, lessons learned, and people that affected me. The result? Hopefully to build a proper spring board to tackle 2017 with even more wisdom, direction, and ferocity.

Sprinting a mile in Miami airport to make last-call on our flight to Colombia.

Sprinting a mile in Miami airport to make last-call on our flight to Colombia.

The landing that dropped me off in the worst neighborhood in 

The landing that dropped me off in the worst neighborhood in 

A few lessons 2016 taught me:

  • Enthusiasm is important in everything you do.

  • Always remember to ask “Why?” or some cases “Why not?” - coupled with “What would you have to see to think otherwise?” is a great way to put yourself in others shoes.

  • No one has the owners manual on life, we’re all winging it as best we can.

  • Say “Yes” to adventure. Even better, create the adventure people say “Yes” to.

What I’m Proud of in 2016:

  • I ran two iconic San Francisco races: Bay to Breakers and the SF Marathon
  • I raised over $300 in donations for the homeless
  • I’ve lead classes in technical and spiritual subjects including:Yoga, Meditation, Email technology, SF touring, and Data integration technology.
  • I experienced Burning Man and opened a whole new level of compassion, giving, and inner calm.
  • I pursued my self improvement by having a life coach and taking Landmark classes.
  • I enjoyed way more sunrises and sunsets than any other year to date!

This year I’ve substituted mantras for resolutions. A mantra is a statement repeated frequently. I’ve found mantras helpful for re-centering my mind and refocusing when distractions pull my attention from what I consider important. The difference I find is a resolution feels binary, you either achieve or fail at it. Whereas a mantra is a regular reminder of an opportunity to move toward my goal.

I won’t share my mantras but I will share what I intend to do more of:

Journaling : This helped me immensely when recapping the year. Re-reading entries triggered forgotten memories, reframed situations with a new point of view, and helped me uncover a few patterns and blind-spots.

Saying Yes : As I reflect on some of my best memories, many resulted from me impulsively betting on an adventure panning out rather than declining the offer. A few things I’m glad I said yes to: Trips to Hawaii, Colombia, Burning man. Taking a recruiter call that eventually led me to Autopilot. Accepting Sarika’s invitation to join for an evening at Landmark.

Creating Relationships : What I really mean is creating the environments where relationships flourish.